Clean Room

What Does Clean Room Mean?

A clean room is a type of enclosed room or facility that is free from or resistant to any internal or external environmental contamination or hazard. Clean rooms are used in scientific research or the development of devices and equipment that require an environment that’s free of contaminants, which may include dust, bacteria, humidity and other airborne particles.


Techopedia Explains Clean Room

A clean room is a controlled facility used for the development of hardware devices and equipment such as integrated circuits, transistors and microprocessors. It must secure and provide protection against airborne particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, humidity or any other substance or environmental condition that can affect the quality of the product being developed. Typically, a clean room must ensure that no contamination enters from outside, that the equipment in use doesn’t generate any contamination and that the existing contamination be contained and taken care of as soon as possible. Moreover, a clean room is evaluated in terms of the level of contamination per cubic foot of air; the lower the ratio the cleaner the room is said to be.


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