Combo Drive

What Does Combo Drive Mean?

A combo drive is a drive that supports multiple kinds of
compact disc multimedia operations. It can be a drive that supports both CD and
DVD operations, or one that supports multiple formats such as HD and Blu-ray.


Techopedia Explains Combo Drive

The term “combo drive” has been most popularly used for the development of drives that could read and write CDs, while also reading DVDs. These are sometimes also called CDRW-DVD drives.

Drives with the ability to read and write in both formats are not commonly called combo drives, but might be called DVD burners or fully functional CD/DVD drives. For that reason, drives labeled as “combo drives” are not commonly used in new computers and devices. That is because newer types of drives usually have the ability to read and write in both CD and DVD formats as a standard feature. As mentioned, a drive that can support more than one format, such as Blu-ray, may also be called a combo drive.


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