What Does RG8 Mean?

RG8 is a type of coaxial cable suitable for use in carrying radio transmission signals. They are found mostly in audio control rooms, radio stations or as connections for external radio antennas. Their biggest difference to the common RG6 coaxial cables used for cable TV and cable Internet is that RG8 is unable to carry pure video signals due to its design, and thus is more suitable for radio signals.


Techopedia Explains RG8

RG8 cables are thicker compared to the common RG6 cables used for cable TV and other digital and video signals. They have a thicker core at 2.17 mm compared to the 1.0 mm diameter of RG6 cables and they tend to have thicker dielectric insulation and a thick outer coating, so they can be used for outdoor conditions such as connecting cables for satellite dishes and antennas. They also offer better protection against outside radio interference. Another major difference with RG6 cables is the impedance rate of only 50 ohms compared to the 75 ohms of RG6.

Types of RG8:

  • RG-8/U — Has a diameter of 2.17 mm for the core, dielectric thickness of 7.2 mm and a single copper braided shield
  • RG-8X — Thinner version of RG-8/U with a core diameter of 1.0 mm, similar to that of RG6. It also has a thinner dielectric layer of just 4.7 mm but has a double shielding of braided copper and aluminum sheet.

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