What Does RiscPC Mean?

RiscPC was a computer produced by Acorn Computers. Risc is short for “reduced instruction set computer.” It was released in April of 2004 and codenamed Medusa. The RiscPC superseded the Acorn Archimedes. The RiscPC enabled a second processor and had full 24-bit color graphics support.


Techopedia Explains RiscPC

Acorn produced several RiscPC computers models such as:

  • Risc PC 600
  • Risc PC 700
  • StrongARM Risc PC
  • J233 StrongARM Risc PC

The RiscPC continued the practice of having the RISC OS operating in a ROM module. RiscPC added the ROM based core OS with a disk based directory structure containing configuration information and some applications, which had previously being kept in ROM.

The Risc PC 600, used a standard PC AT keyboard for the first time. Its sound support was 8 channel and 8-bit. The basic Risc PC can support two module cards and had a separate network interface for Ethernet or Econet.


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