Screen Sharing

What Does Screen Sharing Mean?

Screen sharing involves sharing access to a given computer screen. Screen sharing software uses many different methods to allow sharing a screen remotely with a second user for collaboration purposes or other objectives. Screen sharing is also the name of a proprietary Apple product developed for these purposes.


Screen sharing is also known as desktop sharing.

Techopedia Explains Screen Sharing

Screen sharing software typically works through the use of a graphical terminal emulator. It essentially allows the second user to see everything that the first user sees, including what the first user is doing. One very common use of screen sharing is online training, where trainers enable remote screen sharing in order to demonstrate a given process to training participants. Since the rapid advancement of new personal computer technologies requires training millions and millions of people, screen sharing has been an incredibly useful part of this kind of training, which is often done through videoconferencing rather than through face-to-face meeting.

Screen sharing is also a popular feature in many of the newest technologies that support businesses, from meeting-based videoconferencing tools to new cloud-based software as a service deliveries. More and more of modern business and modern life is now being done over the Internet, with remote collaboration. With that said, screen sharing has become a vital part of the advancement in telecommuting and virtual collaboration systems.


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