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Stack Environment Control Dump Machine (SECD Machine)

What Does Stack Environment Control Dump Machine (SECD Machine) Mean?

A Stack Environment Control Dump machine (SECD machine) is an abstract machine made for the implementation of functional programming. A SECD machine contains registers "stack control and dump" and what experts refer to as an associative array in terms of environment, to help with the compiling of functional programming languages.


Techopedia Explains Stack Environment Control Dump Machine (SECD Machine)

The idea of the SECD machine is attributed to Peter Landon in his work “The Mechanical Evaluation of Expressions” in 1964. More recently, technologies such as a certain offshoot of Lisp utilize this sort of abstract machine design. As a stack-based technology, the SECD machine involves functions taking an argument from the stack, with specific rules and protocols to facilitate this type of computing.


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