Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

What Does Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Mean?

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is a trade organization for the semiconductor and general electronics industry.


Techopedia Explains Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

SEMI covers the manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards and other types of small-scale electronic systems. Some describe this as serving the "micro and nano electronics" industries. SEMI members help to provide standards for innovation and technology that help bring advances safely into the consumer world.

SEMI also covers the manufacturing processes for microscale or nanoscale materials, and is also involved in advocacy and action on public policy that helps to promote a business without compromising public health and safety. This group also monitors the advances in technology that change how people live as a global society.

At the vanguard of the hardware industry, SEMI tackles issues affecting the semiconductor industry in particular. The industry is poised to make circuits or electronic systems on the nanoscale, as well as use solid-state technology and other resources to design extremely small chips and devices for all sorts of uses.


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