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What Does SVGA Monitor Mean?

A Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) monitor is an output device which uses the SVGA standard. SVGA is a video-display-standard type developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for IBM PC compatible personal computers (PCs).


SVGA includes an array of computer display standards utilized for the manufacturing of computer monitors and screens. It features a screen resolution of 800×600 pixels.

Monitors that use the SVGA graphic standard are intended to perform better than normal VGA monitors. SVGA monitors make use of a VGA connector (DE-15 a.k.a HD-15).

Techopedia Explains SVGA Monitor

A VGA monitor generally displays graphics in 640×480 pixels, or may be an even smaller 320×200 pixels while SVGA monitors display a better resolution of 800×600 pixels or more.

When comparing SVGA with other display standards like Extended Graphics Array (XGA) or VGA, the standard resolution of SVGA is identified as 800×600 pixels.

The SVGA standard was referred to as a graphic resolution of 800×600 4-bit pixel (48000 pixels) when it was initially defined. This implies that every single pixel can be one of 16 different colors. Later, this definition was extended to a resolution of 1024×768 8-bit pixel, which means that there is a selection of 256 colors.

Due to innovation in technology, the number of colors has started to become irrelevant as they are now set by a varying analog voltage which signifies the color tone, which means that an SVGA monitor, in principle, is effective at exhibiting an infinite range of colors. However, since the internal operations of a video card are digital, a specific limit on the range of colors for display is applied. For instance, a monitor might be able to display any color from a color scheme of 16 million; however, the video card might limit this to exhibiting merely 256 colors concurrently on account of memory constraints.

Virtually all monitors manufactured between the late 1990s and early 2000s are SVGA monitors, which makes SVGA truly an umbrella term than the typical fixed standard.


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