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System Testing

What Does System Testing Mean?

Falling under the scope of black box testing, system testing is a phase in the software testing cycle where a total and integrated application /system is tested.


The focus of the system testing is to evaluate the compliance of the entire system with respect to the specified requirements. System testing helps in approving and checking the business, functional, technical, and any non-functional requirements of the application concerning the architecture as a whole.

Techopedia Explains System Testing

The scope of system testing is not only limited to the design of the system but also to the behavior and believed expectations of the business. In accordance with the software test cycle, system testing is performed before acceptance testing and after integration testing. Independent users or testers are given the tasks to perform in the system testing phase.

Importance aspects of system testing:

  • In accordance to the software development lifecycle, system testing is considered as the first level of testing where the entire system is checked or tested.
  • Proper evaluation of the system meeting the functional requirements is done in system testing.
  • Validation, verification and testing of business requirements and application architecture is done during the system testing phase.
  • System testing provides users with an effective environment which more or less resembles the live or production environment. As such any testing done provides more reliable and efficient results.

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