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Trusted Data Format

What Does Trusted Data Format Mean?

The Trusted Data Format (TDF) refers to an XML file format developed for security purposes by the United States Intelligence Community. This format has a number of high-level security features such as cryptographic binding, data encryption and data tagging. It was developed primarily for use by intelligence agencies and top secret organizations but is now available for general public use, email data and other stored information.

Techopedia Explains Trusted Data Format

The Trusted Data Format is, more or less, a protective wrapper that contains the user’s data. It is an open standard designed to control all types of data security. The TDF allows selective access control for files and add-ons, including email attachments, PDFs, office files, videos and other multimedia files. The basic purpose of this format is to offer a resilient but flexible security and encryption format that is user-friendly for a wide variety of users. A number of privacy control applications were developed on this standard including those created for easy-to-use end-to-end email encryption service.


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