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Smart Television (Smart TV)

Last updated: November 11, 2016

What Does Smart Television (Smart TV) Mean?

Smart television (smart TV) is TV that provides interactive features similar to those involved in Internet or Web services. This includes the ability to search for video or interact with the television in other ways. This can be done through a set-top box or through internal technology in the television, such as an operating system that commands and controls these interactive features.

Smart TV is also called connected TV or hybrid TV.


Techopedia Explains Smart Television (Smart TV)

One common example of smart TV technology is the streaming of video from sources like Netflix or Hulu. Again, television sets can be shipped from the factory with this interactive technology, or they can be augmented with a cable set-top box or a gaming console that supports these activities. Either way, smart TV operation typically involves internal or external hardware tools that can help users scroll or navigate through a screen in order to view movies, change settings or otherwise control the experience.

In many ways, smart TV is not a specific set of hardware pieces, but a process toward a more interactive design philosophy. It’s easy to see how this smart TV approach has changed what used to be a passive broadcast into a high-design interactive interface. This is taking place within the greater context of new exploration into consumer interfaces, for example, where the tablet touch-screen has become the norm and wearable devices like Google Glass are being seriously considered.



Connected TV, Hybrid TV

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