Vanity Domain

What Does Vanity Domain Mean?

Vanity domain refers to a URL or domain name on the Internet that is personalized or created for the purpose of representing an individual or, in some cases, a business or group. Some people use the term vanity domain to refer only to domain names created for individuals, while others may extend the term to refer to corporate branded domains.


Techopedia Explains Vanity Domain

A very basic way to think about what constitutes a vanity domain is to liken the vanity domain in DNS domain distributions with the vanity license plates issued for cars. Like vanity plates, a vanity domain is created for the purpose of easy labeling, and can be contrasted with generic domains that may be harder to spell, contain special characters, or are otherwise unable to represent the holder clearly and simply. For example, a generic URL like www.PAweb/ISP/ may not present an account holder the same way that a vanity domain like might. Here, the omission of extra content and the use of an individual’s name connected produces a vanity domain that is made for the purpose of promoting the individual or the relevant business or project.


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