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Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCID)

What Does Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCID) Mean?

A virtual circuit identifier (VCID) is a type of numeric identifier used to distinguish between different virtual circuits in a connection-oriented circuit-switched telecommunication network. It enables a circuit-switched network to identify different virtual circuits/channels involved in a device's data communication.

VCID can also be referred to as a virtual channel identifier (VCI).


Techopedia Explains Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCID)

VCID is primarily used in ATM networks to provide the correct channel/circuit on which the data must travel. It consists of a 12- to 16-bit numeric value/identifier placed within the header of an ATM cell. It provides end-to-end connectivity in an ATM or creates a virtual channel link (VCL) or a virtual channel connection (VCC). VCID is generally used with a virtual path identifier (VPI) to identify the channel and the path over different ATM switches on which the data cell will travel.


Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI)

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