Video Teleconferencing

What Does Video Teleconferencing Mean?

Video teleconferencing (VTC) is a technology that facilitates the communication and interaction of two or more users through a combination of high-quality audio and video over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Such setups are highly useful in business and enterprise computing because they simulate real and face-to-face communication over sophisticated digital platforms and established telecommunication networks.


VTC uses standard video and voice protocols, including H.323, H.320 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Techopedia Explains Video Teleconferencing

Video teleconferencing has progressed in recent decades. As device computing power developed during the 1990s and later, higher quality digital audio and video became more widely available – all at lower costs, leading to an increased accessibility of new videoconferencing technologies.

There are two types of VTC systems, as follows:

  • Dedicated systems: Built with all of the PC and network components required for VTC sessions.
  • Desktop systems: These PC add-ons include a video camera, speakers, microphone and PC add-in card.

Video teleconferencing helps users save money, time and effort. Because VTC may be used to remotely connect users from all over the world, an effective VTC setup can replace the high costs of travel to meetings and conferences. New hardware infrastructure for global IP networks helps support this type of usage. Frequent cons to teleconferencing are awkward communication due to time lags, usability, and the overall desire to meet face to face.


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