What Does Webcasting Mean?

Webcasting is a general term in IT that refers to broadcasting or presenting over the Internet. As faster IP speeds and more efficient digital video and audio technologies have added capacity to this medium, more businesses and other parties are using webcasting, rather than other means of audiovisual presentation.


Techopedia Explains Webcasting

Vendors that focus on providing webcasting services to clients often focus on specific kinds of webcasting. Some webcasting is done in a pre-recorded and pre-arranged series, which end users access on demand. Other kinds of webcasting happens in real time. Some specific types of webcasting include lecture webcasting, where a lecture on location can be delivered over the Web, and event webcasting, which involves capturing and presenting event-related audio and video, often in real time. Other kinds of webcasting may feature Powerpoint type presentations combined with real-time audio from the primary presenter or a presenting team.


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