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Automated Broker Software (ABI Software)

Last updated: October 26, 2012

What Does Automated Broker Software (ABI Software) Mean?

Automated broker software (ABI software) is a term for a set of tools and applications aimed at facilitating certain types of brokered transactions. This term can refer to software used in importing/exporting or to software used in stock trading and other similar kinds of financial transactions.

See also forex trading platform.


Techopedia Explains Automated Broker Software (ABI Software)

Within the realm of automated broker software for the financial markets, there are many resources to assist with collecting and storing data related to trades or transactions. Common features include tax assessment or projections, as well as chart and history analysis for equities and commodities. Some automated broker software may assist those who are pursuing foreign exchange transactions, where currency converters and other tools may be helpful.


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