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Business to Anyone

What Does Business to Anyone Mean?

Business to anyone (B2A) is a sarcastic take on the conventional “business-to” classification system, which includes business to business and business to consumer. A business-to-anyone company tends to be one that’s in dire straits and is therefore willing to work with anyone. B2A is likely too broad as a business strategy. B2A is also called business to everybody (B2E).


Techopedia Explains Business to Anyone

The technology world and the business world share a love of acronyms that can get overwhelming at times. A similar backlash followed the “e” trend during the dot-com boom that saw e-retailers, e-business, e-advertisers – basically e-anything. B2A was meant to be a swipe at the list of “business-to” variants that include: Ironically, B2A has since appeared as a legitimate description for a business that sells to consumers, governments and businesses.


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