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Bandwidth Hugger

What Does Bandwidth Hugger Mean?

A bandwidth hugger is someone who fights spam as it is applied to specific email or Internet venues. This term implies that a bandwidth hugger protects bandwidth from encroaching spam, much like a tree hugger might protect a tree from loggers by standing in front of it. A bandwidth hugger, on the other hand, will protect bandwidth by working closely with an ISP’s email service or some other system to protect it from spam.


Techopedia Explains Bandwidth Hugger

In terms of practicality, a bandwidth hugger may use various kinds of filters and anti-spam software to combat the emergence of spam in an email inbox. Different kinds of anti-spam resources include tools that evaluate the origin of the message and meta tags, and others strategies that work by using algorithms to isolate likely spam messages. A bandwidth hugger might also build other kinds of protections into systems to ward off excessive spam.


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