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Building Area Network (BAN)

What Does Building Area Network (BAN) Mean?

A building area network (BAN) is a local area network (LAN) that covers an entire building. It may be a collection of smaller local area networks. For example, if each floor is considered a single LAN, then the combination of each per floor LAN is considered a BAN.

A BAN is also known as a Basement Area Network (BAN).

Techopedia Explains Building Area Network (BAN)

Although BAN is not an official networking term, it indicates that an entire building is connected as a single network. In technology or networking topology terms, a BAN is a LAN configuration applied to an entire building, much like a LAN applied to a household is known as a home area network (HAN), or if a few neighbors are connected, a neighborhood area network (NAN) - none of which are official terms.


Basement Area Network

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