Beehive Forum

What Does Beehive Forum Mean?

Beehive Forum is an open-source software tool for creating Web forums. It is coded in PHP and uses MySQL database resources. Beehive Forum was, in some ways, based on Delphi programming concepts. It requires PHP 4.1.0 and MySQL 3.5.


Techopedia Explains Beehive Forum

One unique aspect of Beehive Forum is how it places the components of a forum on the screen. In Beehive Forum, discussion titles are on the left and posts are on the right. This allows for a more expansive view of individual posts, with their own tags and avatars, etc.

Beehive Forum also has certain proprietary features, including a relationship system (similar to Facebook, but different) where users can raise their opinions about other posters. There is also a polling system built into the platform.

Reviews of Beehive Forum have called it a good resource for DIY forum hosting, and reviewers have noted the full range of features built into this platform. It is a common choice for setting up forums in a straightforward way with limited hosting resources.


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