BlackBerry Prayer

What Does BlackBerry Prayer Mean?

BlackBerry prayer is the term used to describe a posture assumed by users of a BlackBerry or other handheld device in effort to use that device in a discreet manner. This is usually done while in a meeting or an important function. It involves grasping the device between the hands in a prayer position in an attempt to shield the display screen’s glow, while the user’s head is bowed down with shoulders hunched over.


Techopedia Explains BlackBerry Prayer

The continuous advancement of communication technology and the increasing ubiquity of mobile phones has led many people to become dependent on these devices, making it difficult for them to stow the items.

Users should be aware of work ethics and values in the workplace, and take caution when using mobile devices at work. Smartphone users should also aim to respect those around them, especially when in an important meeting or other function.


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