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Blended Networking

What Does Blended Networking Mean?

Blended networking is a form of social networking which combines or “blends” life both online and offline. This is the latest trend of social networking, which is becoming more focused on the offline activities of individuals such as art, hobbies, sports, pets and other interests apart from online interactions. This is easily seen in social media groups specifically made around a specific hobby or sport, like a jogging or tennis club.


Techopedia Explains Blended Networking

Blended networking is the merging of online and offline socializing. Where traditional socializing revolves around specific activities like hobbies and sports, online socializing revolves around the online persona and is more personal in terms of interaction, like sharing personal opinions, as evinced by the multitude of selfies and tweets about feelings and personal activities.

When these two types of socialization methods blend, that is blended networking. People with like hobbies come together in social media, even though they do not know each other personally, which eventually leads to meeting in person. Social media interactions then tend to center around the socialization and activities rather than the “self.”


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