Last updated: November 5, 2012

What Does Buzzword-Compliant Mean?

Buzzword-compliant is a slang term for the tendency of new products to include product support features for the newest technology craze, whatever it may be. The belief is that, by including the latest buzzwords in a product description, a company can wow a consumer into thinking its product is more advanced than other offerings. Buzzword-compliance is relatively easy to achieve as many buzzwords do not represent an actual technology for which compliance is necessary.


Techopedia Explains Buzzword-Compliant

When the Internet boom was at its peak in the late '90s, buzzword-compliance meant being “peer-to-peer compliant,” “Web 2.0 compliant” or “Java enabled.” Now the buzzwords are cloud computing, social media, and so on. Buzzword compliance can also stretch to include vague words that have no quantifiable meaning, such as powerful, interoperable and intuitive. The buzzwords in tech change over time, with some becoming real things that developers must deal with and others fading away into nothing.

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