Wireless Bridge

What Does Wireless Bridge Mean?

A wireless bridge is a type of networking hardware device that enables the connection of two different local area network (LAN) segments by bridging a wireless connection between them. It works much like a wired network bridge and is used to connect LANs that are logically separated and/or located in different physical locations.


Techopedia Explains Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge is primarily used in corporate LANs, which often span across geographical locations. In a typical scenario, a wireless bridge must be installed at both the ends of the LAN to be connected.

At the back-end the wireless bridges are connected to the LAN switch or router. For the two network segments to communicate, each data packet travels from the local Ethernet/router to the wireless bridge, which wirelessly broadcasts it to the wireless bridge of the other LAN segment. Besides point-to-point bridging, a wireless bridge can also be connected to more than one wireless bridges simultaneously.


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