Digital Commerce

What Does Digital Commerce Mean?

Digital commerce (D-commerce) is a type of e-commerce used by an organization that delivers and sells products online. D-commerce is used by companies that sell news, subscriptions, documents or any form of electronic content, and the digital commerce company collects payments, handles customer refunds and billing and manages other accounting functions for online publisher clients.


D-commerce is considered a form of e-commerce because it deals with the exchange of electronic goods.

Techopedia Explains Digital Commerce

The pay-as-you-go model is applied to digital commerce. Customers start an account with a digital commerce company and can purchase text and content from publishers, but they only have to relay their financial information once. This makes for a more secure online environment.

Publishers of books, news, magazines, white papers and academic research papers are big users of digital commerce. Some digital commerce companies resell publishers’ content. This form of business can be very profitable for publishers and digital commerce companies alike and, depending on the business contract, the d-commerce company may get a cut of the publishing company’s profit.


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