Double Geeking

What Does Double Geeking Mean?

In modern technology slang, double geeking is the practice of using two computers at once. It is associated with the term “triple geeking” for using three computers once. Technically speaking, in double geeking, the devices consist of two computers, although some might use the term for the combination of a computer and smartphone. Others use the term “multitasking” for using a computer and smartphone together.


Techopedia Explains Double Geeking

Double geeking reflects the rise of modern hardware technologies. The cheapness and proliferation of laptop computers has led to a much more common use of two computing devices at the same time. Typically, a user keeps an older computer when it slows down, buys a new one, and uses both next to each other.

In many cases, double geeking or triple geeking is done for the purpose of seeing more display screens at once. For example, if someone is trying to research a topic on the Internet while typing or inputting data into a particular device, they might use the second computer for this research. Triple geeking can enable two research screens at once, with the simultaneous use of an input computer.


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