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Emailing While Intoxicated

What Does Emailing While Intoxicated Mean?

Emailing while intoxicated (EWI) refers to composing and sending emails while drunk. Although results vary from person to person, emailing while intoxicated is generally a bad idea. Unlike writing an angry letter and waiting a day to post it, there is no time for sober second thought once the Send button has been pushed.


Using social media to message people and create posts while under the influence also has many of the same risks and is becoming a more common method of public embarrassment.

Techopedia Explains Emailing While Intoxicated

Emailing while intoxicated is a little like Russian roulette. There is a decent chance of avoiding any embarrassment or that the recipient will laugh it off. That said, there is also a chance that the sender will end up being socially ostracized or be forced make very awkward apologies to friends and co-workers.

Emailing while intoxicated is enough of a problem that some companies have tried to help people avoid it with precautions like a time delay on emails or requesting the answer to a math question before being able to send a message.


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