Failure Between Keyboard And Seat (FBKS)

Last Updated: December 30, 2012

Definition - What does Failure Between Keyboard And Seat (FBKS) mean?

Failure Between Keyboard and Seat (FBKS) is a slang term used to define human errors that occur when using a computing device.

FBKS is also known as Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (PEBKAC), Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard (PEBCAK), Problem is in Chair not in Computer (PICNIC) and Problem Between Chair and Keyboard (PIBCAK).

Techopedia explains Failure Between Keyboard And Seat (FBKS)

FBKS is a human computer interaction (HCI) phenomenon that is used to drill out potential problems that occur when a human interacts with a computer system. FBKS is meant to define a human’s inability to use a simple to complex computer or related equipment.

FBKS occurs when a user is unable to comprehend and tackle a computer - even simple tasks. It is typically recorded when a user does not pay close attention to a computer or a computer's overall structure, design or interface is beyond human common sense. FBKS-based errors are used to evaluate, design and build computing systems and applications that are user friendly, adaptable or easy to navigate.

FBKS is sometimes criticized as the fault of a device built by a manufacturer that does not adhere to basic HCI laws.

This definition was written in the context of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
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