What Does Homeshoring Mean?

Homeshoring is an organizational operational model in which employees work and perform all official tasks from a home or external office. Homeshoring is the hiring, management and tasking of employees remotely, usually over Internet, although it may include other forms of digital communication.


Homeshoring is also known as homesourcing.

Techopedia Explains Homeshoring

Homeshoring is primarily an amalgamated form of outsourcing and telecommunication. Homeshoring enables an organization to reduce the infrastructure and maintenance cost of a physical office while providing employees the liberty to work from home. Homeshoring works when an organization employs staff to work remotely from their homes. In a homesourcing model, employees are not freelancers but are confined to provide near to or equivalent hours of service as those of an in-house employee. Typically, each employee is required to have an uninterrupted and reliable Internet connection and they must stay online within the company’s normal operating hours. The organization assign tasks to each employee through email, online collaboration software or directly through instant messaging, Web conferencing or voice calls. Employees can be within the same city, state or country or can can be located in an offshore location.


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