What Does Tablet Mean?

A tablet is a wireless touch screen personal computer (PC) that is smaller than a notebook but larger than a smartphone. Modern tablets are built with wireless Internet or local area networks (LAN) and a variety of software applications, including business applications, Web browsers and games.


Techopedia Explains Tablet

In 2001, Microsoft introduced the first tablet prototype as the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. The earliest tablets used pen computing technology and were not built to run standard PC operating systems (OS) or applications, due to limited memory.

Tablet styles include:

  • Convertible: Rotating touch screen, stylus/digital pen, keyboard screen software and handwriting recognition software
  • Slate: Integrated electronic touch screen, i.e., Apple’s iPad
  • Hybrid: Standard notebook with a removable screen that functions as a slate tablet
  • Rugged: Slate tablet with protective casing

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