Information Architect

What Does Information Architect Mean?

An information architect is an individual who works to make information attractive and accessible to an audience. This type of role can include elements of technical writing or written format creation, as well as graphic design and Web development. Generally, information architecture means developing a better presentation for given data through attention to a digital landscape.


Techopedia Explains Information Architect

Many information architects have experience in writing or design. They often use Web development tools like HTML and CSS to help to construct specific presentations for text and associated elements of a Web page or site. They may also work on a written or digital blueprint that outlines multilevel goals for a project, constructing specific digital presentations from these meta-directives.

Information architects are said to help develop a "user experience," which relates to both the content and the style of a Web page or site, or other facility like a company intranet. The role of an information architect in a given project can be broad, and these professionals may work with multiple departments to make sure that the presentation of information to the audience is as good as it can be.


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