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What Does Interactive Marketing Mean?

Interactive marketing is a type of marketing that is more of a two-way channel of communication than the traditional one-way transactional method. It takes various forms, but all of them are based on the idea that there is more of a direct relationship between the buyer and the seller.


Techopedia Explains Interactive Marketing

Some experts describe interactive marketing as something that is “event-driven” – where there is a conversation or a connection made in order to sell products. These types of interactions can take place over social media, through email or through particular e-commerce portals.

Other experts may point to programs where buyers take the initiative to reach sellers as particular types of interactive marketing. This is how this method is described in Business Dictionary, where writers describe it as “a trading situation where the buyers specify the nature and application of products they wish to buy,” and where sellers respond accordingly.

In general, interactive marketing is partially based on the fundamental idea that with today’s new technologies, companies can reach individuals, instead of simply targeting to demographics. Elements of interactive marketing can be seen in many of today’s e-commerce shopping carts, and on big platforms like Amazon. As marketing continues to evolve according to what is possible in the tech world, interactive marketing is one very likely outcome.


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