What Does Interweb Mean?

Interweb or "the Interweb" is a colloquial term for the World Wide Web or Internet. This term, which combines the two formal names for today’s global network of computers and servers, is often thought of as a slightly sarcastic reference to the Internet, implicating those who do not understand how it works.


Techopedia Explains Interweb

Throughout the birth and expansion of the Internet over several decades, politicians and others demonstrated profound ignorance about how the technology worked. As a result, phrases like "a series of tubes" became associated with less knowledgeable descriptions of the Internet. "Interweb" fits into this kind of popular reference, and has become enshrined in modern technology slang.

This term has since become popular in some forms of popular media called memes or meme generators. These include LOLCats, a Web project related to collecting humorous pictures of cats and other animals, accompanied by misspelled captions. Here, the term Interweb is popularly prefixed by the misspelled article "teh."


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