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What Does Intexticated Mean?

Intexticated is a term coined to refer to an individual who is distracted by texting or composing an email on a handheld device while walking or driving, and is therefore unaware of the surroundings. As result, this person may move and/or react as if intoxicated, which is why the term combines the words "texting" and "intoxicated."


Techopedia Explains Intexticated

Intextication can be especially dangerous while driving; in 2011, nearly a quarter of all collisions in the United States involved cellphones. As a result, several states have laws limiting or prohibiting the use of mobile devices while driving. As of 2012, 39 states have banned texting while driving, while 10 states prevent drivers from using handheld cellphones on the road. Although many drivers don’t think texting or talking while driving is a problem, statistics indicate that these behaviors significantly increase the likelihood of an accident.


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