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Mobile Device

What Does Mobile Device Mean?

A mobile device is a handheld tablet or other device that is made for portability, and is therefore both compact and lightweight. New data storage, processing and display technologies have allowed these small devices to do nearly anything that had previously been traditionally done with larger personal computers.


Mobile devices are also known as handheld computers.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Device

As market conventions emerged for mobile devices, a primary class of devices became known as personal digital assistants (PDAs). Many of these share common features, such as touch screen interfaces with color displays, linking to email and desktop software programs, and access to wireless platforms. Later, as wireless networks evolved, makers started to offer another class of mobile devices called smartphones, which combined the utility of a cell phone and a PDA into one device. Now, most cellphone providers offer a range of smartphones which access the Internet over a 3G or 4G wireless network.


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