Mobile Tagging

What Does Mobile Tagging Mean?

Mobile tagging is the practice of creating visual elements that can be recognized by smartphones and related devices. These two-dimensional bar codes can be found on print media or on the surfaces of various items. They are activated when users capture them with the camera on a mobile device. The tag code usually directs the user to online resources and information.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Tagging

The use of mobile tagging has been seen as having major commercial potential. The current uses of QR codes, Miscrosoft Tags and other mobile tagging methods have often been geared toward giving device users more information about products and services that companies provide. However, in a broader sense, mobile tagging technology provides a powerful interface between the physical world and a mobile device. By allowing users to use their devices this way, the makers of mobile tagging technology are opening up all sorts of new interactions.


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