Send To Receive

What Does Send To Receive Mean?

Send to receive (S2R) is Internet chat slang that indicates a request for a picture from another chat user. Using this term implies that the writer will send a picture of him- or herself in exchange for a picture from another user.


Send to receive may also be abbreviated at STR.

Techopedia Explains Send To Receive

S2R is one of many chat acronyms that form a kind of common code for Internet chat users. While this term can be used between consenting adults, it is often seen as related to the practice of sexting or the illegal distribution of images of minors. Parental advocacy groups and others often mention terms like send to receive when referencing the dangers of allowing minors to access Internet chat rooms.

The term send to receive should not be confused with the more general send and receive, which refers to features of technologies like Microsoft Outlook as well as typical server operations or other data distribution protocols.


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