What Does Scrobble Mean?

Scrobble is an Internet slang term for using Web distributed data to find users that share common interests. Scrobble also may be used as a noun to refer to the data used for these purposes.


Many experts tend to describe scrobbling in terms of musical networks, like and Pandora, which build favorite song profiles for users. Users can find others who enjoy the same songs, or just track their own favorites. Scrobbling also gained a lot of attention thanks to Pinterest, where users typically post their favorite ideas for others to review.

Techopedia Explains Scrobble

Scrobbling is one of the new ways that companies and individual users are taking advantage of the Internet to communicate and learn about others. While some of the same privacy and data collection issues for social media sites, like Facebook, may apply to scrobbling Web services, the data used in scrobbling sites tends to be less controversial than other types of collected data.


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