Stealth Mode

Definition - What does Stealth Mode mean?

Stealth mode is an IT business strategy in which software, hardware or a IT product/service is intentionally hidden from the market, competitors or general public until a predefined or completion date. It is the practice of keeping a product or service under wraps, specifically in highly competitive markets.

Techopedia explains Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is used to hide details about a product until it is launched. This approach is implemented by a startup organization to ensure its product is not replicated and launched by another vendor/organization. Successful stealth mode requires that an organization restrict its employees and stakeholders from publicly disclosing a product/service until it is launched. Failure to comply with stealth mode cmay result in a loss of competitive advantage, reduced customer interest, or it may be overshadowed by a product from a larger company.

An organization also may release trial versions of a product with code names, which keeps prospective customers curious while waiting for the final product.

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