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Stovepipe Application

What Does Stovepipe Application Mean?

A stovepipe application is an application that executes and operates as a standalone program. It only requires a base operating system (OS) to run, does not share resources and is not integrated with any other application.


A stovepipe application is also known as a standalone application or stand-alone application.

Techopedia Explains Stovepipe Application

A stovepipe application is designed for a specific purpose and built to run on an independent desktop computer. Most consumer end applications are stovepipe applications. Such an application is packaged, installed and deployed without requiring any add-on or external software utilities, regardless of integration.

A stovepipe application is in contrast to a distributed application, which is deployed and executed on various integrated software and systems and prevalent in environments that are highly prone to risk.

Examples of stovepipe applications include productivity applications, financial applications and data encryption software.


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