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Time to Market

What Does Time to Market Mean?

Time to market is a term for the period of time between the first ideas around a product and its eventual availability on consumer markets. Companies use the time-to-market metric to evaluate how products are developed and how a specific project handles external competition.


Techopedia Explains Time to Market

The time-to-market measurement has a specific role in many IT projects, and is often used in relation to software development and other kinds of projects where human labor determines time-to-market. Software companies may use agile development practices and other types of planning to improve time-to-market for products that are created by development teams. Improving time-to-market can have a dramatic effect on profit and market share for software and other IT products.

In creating software, which largely relies on creative development rather than sourcing and building material products, various kinds of development support may improve time-to-market. These include automated testing, job scheduling handling, and other features of development support resources.


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