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Trumpet Winsock

What Does Trumpet Winsock Mean?

Trumpet Winsock is a software framework that enables Winsock API implementation in Windows-based computers. It provides Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network connectivity, features and services. It was introduced with Windows 3.x and used in all versions until Windows 98 and Windows NT.


Techopedia Explains Trumpet Winsock

For Windows 3.x up to Windows 98, Trumpet Winsock was one of the programs that enabled connectivity between a computer and network or the Internet. It was installed as an add-on utility and consisted of an application (TCPMAN) and the Winsock DLL library. TCPMAN was used to establish the network environment, while the Winsock libraries consisted of all application programming interfaces (API) and programs used to enable Winsock functionalities. It was also used to develop applications that were network/Internet-enabled.


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