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What Does VRWeb Mean?

VRWeb is a browser program that supports three-dimensional objects created in Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). VRWeb supports the visual modeling of VRML worlds, or files containing the data to visually simulate a three-dimensional object on a computer or device screen.


Techopedia Explains VRWeb

Before the emergence of the X3D ISO standard for three-dimensional representation of graphics, VRML was considered the standard format for three-dimensional modeling. The file format for VRML supports various aspects of a three-dimensional image, such as texture, transparency and the application of color to three-dimensional surfaces. Sound, animation and other capabilities are also accommodated by this file format.

The use of VRML is somewhat rare on the Internet, but the development of technologies like VRWeb make these kinds of graphical modeling a more likely part of future Web technologies and presentations. These kinds of presentations can be extremely useful in the sciences, for example, where a three-dimensional representation can show viewers much more about anatomy systems, chemistry or microbial organization.


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