Anti-Phishing Service

What Does Anti-Phishing Service Mean?

An anti-phishing service is a technological service that helps prevent unauthorized access to secure and/or sensitive information. Anti-phishing services protect various types of data in diverse ways across a varety of platforms.


Techopedia Explains Anti-Phishing Service

An anti-phishing service addresses a specific type of attempt to obtain personal or other sensitive information. While anti-phishing services provide tools to help users recognize Web phishing, many anti-phishing service features are responses to efforts to hack a system and steal data. Some anti-phishing tools are available via browsers, through which many phishing attempts occur.

Some anti-phishing services include sophisticated planning designed to help clients avoid data theft. For example, a quick response to unauthorized access is key to a successful "phishing incident response plan." Anti-phishing services or tools often provide specific components that help analyze how data is stolen, how data may be recovered or how to close ranks and protect a system from additional hacking.

As experts prophecy the rise of more sophisticated phishing, new anti-phishing services often address these directly with more innovative features and components.


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