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Events Per Second

What Does Events Per Second Mean?

Events per second (EPS) is a term used in IT management to define the number of events or processes that take place in a given time on any IT appliance. EPS is a method to review and evaluate the usability statistics of a hardware device, software application, network medium or hardware, Internet application, and/or a security device/appliance.


Techopedia Explains Events Per Second

EPS is primarily part of event logging and management software, which monitors and records every instance of external or internal events a system generates. Typically, the use of EPS varies depending on the underlying system, application or operational environment.

For example, in general IT management, EPS helps administrators to correlate the capacity of IT infrastructure with the number of given events that occur in a specific time frame. If the supported EPS of the underlying infrastructure is higher than the current EPS, administrators can plan capacity and expansion in accordance with the EPS growth trend. EPS is also used in network security to help security administrators identify the number of incident or penetration attempts on a system.


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