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Smart Badging

What Does Smart Badging Mean?

Smart badging involves using smart chips in smart cards to manage physical access to a space. Generally, smart badging is used for personnel management, and is associated with human resources projects where employees hold these sophisticated badges as part of an advanced security system for a building or space.


Techopedia Explains Smart Badging

Smart badging cards may consist of cards enabled with CPU chips, which will contain actual processors and associated accessories. They may also simply hold specific data in a passive way, much like a small USB flash drive. These cards will typically have multiple pieces of information that are all associated with one user identity so that reader systems can process these passwords and other data in specific ways to allow or deny access. A smart card badging system can be built to enable or disable access to multiple buildings, rooms and spaces, as well as workstations and other technology installations. This is critical for the multi-tier security of a complex business or enterprise, where all employees have access to a building, but only some should have access to specific resources within that building. Various world governments, as well as private companies, may use smart badging systems to represent security clearances or any other status that will give an individual access to a specific resource.


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