Distributed Application

Last updated: February 10, 2013

What Does Distributed Application Mean?

A distributed application is software that is executed or run on multiple computers within a network. These applications interact in order to achieve a specific goal or task. Traditional applications relied on a single system to run them. Even in the client-server model, the application software had to run on either the client, or the server that the client was accessing. However, distributed applications run on both simultaneously.

With distributed applications, if a node that is running a particular application goes down, another node can resume the task.


Techopedia Explains Distributed Application

A distributed application also may be used in the client-server model when used simultaneously on a server and client computer. The front end of the operation runs on the client computer and requires minimal processing power, while the back end requires a lot more processing power and a more dedicated system and runs on on a server computer.


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