Object Transaction Service

What Does Object Transaction Service Mean?

Object Transaction Service (OTS) is a service that’s part of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), a set of standards maintained by the Object Management Group in order to help with cross-platform processes. In general, OTS helps to standardize the routine communications between various network components.


Techopedia Explains Object Transaction Service

Specific setups for Object Transaction Service include the use of a transaction manager, as well as some common library code used by both client and server applications. Special interfaces may be used to direct data from a database through a specific type of process compliant with the CORBA standard. Various types of APIs are often useful to bridge cross-platform differences in transaction handling.

OTS developers adhere to certain guidelines maintained in this standard while using their own discretion on other aspects of building a workable model according to the programming languages and other technologies being used, as well as the developer’s judgment on best practices. The Object Management Group maintains detailed resources on the use of an Object Transaction Service as part of a greater transaction handling strategy.


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