Adobe Acrobat

What Does Adobe Acrobat Mean?

Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software that allows the viewing, printing and management of portable document files (PDF). It is distributed as commercial software under proprietary license by Adobe Inc.


Techopedia Explains Adobe Acrobat

Ever since its first release, Acrobat has become a foundation for workflow in the publication industry. Adobe Acrobat is used in a variety of fields including educational, administrative services, business and IT documentation. It is extensively used in producing applications, registration forms, survey forms, user guides and manual, and lessons.

An interesting feature of Adobe PDF documents is that they maintain all the fonts, graphics, images color and formatting of any source document, irrespective of the platform or the application used in creating it. The user may view, share, print, navigate and save PDF documents using the Adobe Reader, which is distributed as freeware.


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