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What Does Computer Generated Imagery Mean?

Computer generated imagery (CGI) is the usage of computer graphics for special effects in movies, printed, and electronic media.


The application tools involved CGI manipulate the environment and produce photorealistic images, which might be useful for the electronic and printed media. As CGI visuals are far cost-effective than traditional photographic ones in many cases, it is widely used and quite popular.

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Features of CGI:

  • CGI can be used to build a library of props, which can be reused if needed.
  • Without supplying the actual products, the highest quality room sets and illumination can be achieved.
  • Is one of the best and cost-effective methods when it comes to developing images and videos for electronic media like movies, video games, etc.
  • CGI is created with help of wireframe models. The properties like reflection, illumination can be assigned and modified to these wireframe models.
  • The quality of the visual effects is higher and more pronounced and controllable compared to physical ones.
  • Allows creation of images and effects which may not be feasible using other methods.
  • CGI is far safer than physical effects.

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